Artist’s Statement

Ellen Chiara

Contemporary Art

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Art is a visual medium. Remember “one picture is worth a thousand words”?  Look at the art; that is the statement.  However, I will try to put into words what is essentially inexplicable:

I am an experimental painter.  Using an abstract or non-objective style, I depict feelings, emotional responses to life’s experiences or to natural phenomena. By offering the viewer a mysterious glimpse into another’s sensibility, what appears to be personal is really universal. Conceptually, my work may contain  a narrative, sometimes with text that tells a fragment of a story or a shard of a memory. I hope to put you, the viewer, into the middle of something, while leaving enough ambiguity for you to make your own connection. I love saturated color: color for color’s sake. My work is about how color affects our moods and feelings.  I am greatly influenced by the Colorfield Movement: artists such as Rothko and Frankenthaler.

As for process, I paint layer upon layer of acrylics, oil sticks, inks, collage, found objects and photo transfers.  This type of painting process may be likened to the journey of living on this earth-- one layer poured over another, scraped back in  parts, covered over here, revealed there, until a visual balance of harmony and depth is achieved.

My greatest reward comes when each painting finds its home: when one of my works is hung in another’s home, I feel a connection with that family--it’s as if a piece of me is visiting with them. And I believe my works “smile” when they find themselves in the right place. 

I’ve exhibited my work in galleries and juried shows throughout Colorado, California, Arizona  and New Mexico.  My work hangs in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and in England, Ireland, France and Australia. Each year, I donate several pieces of my work to charities and art auctions and I also give a part of my proceeds to animal welfare organizations.

Please click  on my  portfolios and “behold”.  I hope you will find something you think is beautiful. Should you see a painting you like that is sold, please contact me  for a commissioned piece to your specifications.


Download Resume PDF