Ellen Chiara

Contemporary Art

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Mosaics/Found Objects


Mosaic pieces using recycled ceramic shards, found objects such as jewelry, stones, keys, figurines, etc.  can be classified as “green” art.  I find it fun and mentally stimulating to take an object from its current life as, say, a cup or a plate or an earring and find a new life for it in a visually pleasing work of art.  It’s like a jig-saw puzzle that I create and assemble as I go along, not unlike the overall experience of living: one never knows how things will turn out. That’s ok as long as you are having fun along the way. 

On commissioned pieces, such as the letters, I can incorporate your personal items to make a unique work of art. For example, in the “E” below, my initial, I used my gold earrings from the ’70’s era, and my hand pin which lost its clasp. The hand also symbolizes that I use my hands in my favorite  endeavor, making art.

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